With a lead on first down in the second half, the run/pass ratio was 70/30 <a title="Cheap James Bradberry Jersey" href="http://www.pantherscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-james-bradberry-jers ey">Cheap James Bradberry Jersey</a> , with a 45% success rate on runs, 31% on passes. When tied or trailing the run/pass ratio totally reversed, going to 21/79, with 83% success rate on runs, 52% on passes. The same split held on second and 10 or less. With a lead in the second half, the offense went 52/48 run/pass, with success rates of 42% and 64%. Tied or trailing, they went 18/82 run/pass with success rates of 83% and 70%. Our eyes have not been deceived; the offense calls plays differently (and plays better) from behind.Every team shows some kind of tendency split like this in the second half, but through six games, Carolina’s was more extreme than most. On average, NFL teams pass 52% of the time on 1st down in the first half. In the second half, teams go 33% pass on 1st down with the lead, 65% when tied or trailing.