(and 2 things I still think about) What a somber <a title="49ers Arik Armstead Jersey" href="http://www.49erscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-arik-armstead-jersey">49ers A rik Armstead Jersey</a> , somber day. The 49ers were in what looked like an awful game that turned into a fun game at the half. Now, we may as well just get the black clothes out. The 38-27 loss hurts all the more due to the Jimmy Garoppolo injury. Three games in and the 49ers season may have taken a devastating hit. The Jerick McKinnon injury hurt, the Garoppolo injury could be downright crippling. Regardless, for almost four quarters we had a fun football game until that injury. Here are three things we learned and two things I still think about.Matt Breida is no joke117 yards from scrimmage. 90 yards rushing, 27 yards passing. It’s safe to say Breida is going to have a nice role in the 49ers offense for years to come. There were some concerns he may cool off in the third game, but Breida continues to impress as a running back. Alfred Morris still had the lion’s share of carries (14 to Breida’s 10), but he also only got 67 yards on those carries. Morris does have a touchdown to his credit, but Breida is becoming the more explosive back. It’s a shame that we can’t see what would have been with McKinnon (and possibly Garoppolo)through the entire season. The 49ers defense has severe tackling issuesThe defense’s consistency in not being able to wrap up continued into Week 3 and it’s getting more frustrating by the whiff. The number of times a 3rd down conversion was made because the 49ers couldn’t get their hands on the ball carrier are far more than any defense would want. There were times you’d think the play would be over, only for the 49ers defender to crash on the groundwith a fistful of air. Robert Saleh said last week that things need to get better. The question is how much patience can fans have as they rectify the issue. Given that the tides