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Is there a manual of some kind for the use of spreadsheets? The website states that formulae can be used, but I haven't yet managed to enter a working formula (the Excel form of =a1+b1 or =sum(a1:a10) always give #error), nor have a seen anything I would describe as an 'entry helper', again, as listed on the website.
Most likely me using the software incorrectly, but I need something show me how to use it.

Hi Kmwmtd, =sum(a1:a10) should work. If not -
1. There was a bug where formula cell didn't reflect immediately when you select input cells. This is resolved in latest version.
2. Plz check if any cell in the range has any non-numeric data.

There is an example in our FAQ section here-

The  video is not perfect right now, but I will be fixing that :)

Thanks. I suspect the problem with =sum(a1:a10) was me not remembering what I'd tried - I tried many basic things such as =a1+a2 and =a1+5 and they all errored, so I think I assumed that the problem was that SecNotes used something other than '='. I certainly started entering some =sum formulae, but probably aborted because the #error appeared immediately. I have tried it properly and it works.
I guess at the moment that if I want to do something like =a1+5, I need to use =sum(a1,5), which seems to produce the right answer.
Thanks for the video link - not sure how I missed that in an FAQ of only 5 items (punches self in head). I now see the formula button along with the formatting options and can see a list of supported formulae.

Glad to know it works. The app only supports the =formula(args) format. They can either be typed or entered using the formula helper. Thanks for the feedback @kmwmtd.

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