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I saved a backup to SD card, and have the autobackup feature on Google Drive. When I try to restore either I get an error. When I try to restore from SD card, I get an error saying the file is corrupt, and when I try restoring from google it says there is an unknown error when trying to retrieve.

The  notes were originally backed up in Lollipop. I'm trying to restore them after updating to Marshmallow. What can I do to get the back?


same problem. please HELP!!

Hi @solly, have released a new version 6.2 with more advanced diagnostics of restore issues. Could you please update and let me know the error if you find it again. Thanks.

Hey Solly,

I fixed it by restoring my app to a previous version (just google search secNotes version *) (I just guessed which previous version 5.* for me) and then restoring the backup from there. You can then re-update to the latest version.

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