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Help! I forgot my PIN. Locked out of my SecNotes file.

Any remedies/workarounds?

pedro t

Hey Arunki,

Can you give me some feed back about what I cn do about my forgotten PIN?
pedro t

Hi Pedrot,

As of today there is no way to get back a forgotten password :-( We always went with "100%" security in mind. But since you are the second person to have encountered this problem, we will add a "hint" option to store some pointers. I know it won't help you now, but will be useful for others in future.

Thanks and regards,

THank you Arun. That is helpful.

Can I start all over? Uninstall SecNotes, then install it again with a blank slate? Hollenbeck
pedro t

Hi again Arun,

I decided to go into Manage Apps, and in SecNotes I "cleared Data."
That wiped out all my notes in SecNotes.

And allowed me to start all over with a new PIN.

Still learning how to use the app, but now have a PIN I can remember!

pedro t

Hi Pedrot,

Yes, you can either re-install or wipe the data. As you can understand, keeping the pin on your device either in raw form or in your own google drive is also not secure. Android keeps, all applications (docs, drive, gmail) etc fully open on the phone. So anybody gaining access to the phone would be able to readily access your password too.

Nice to know you have set a PIN you would remember.

Thanks again,

Aloha Arun,

Thanks for your assistance. Nice to have a forum that is so simple and direct.
If I back up to Google Drive, do you consider that secure?

Aloha,  pedro
pedro t

Hi Pedrot,

Yes, all backups options are secure fully secure. What I meant was - IF we start storing password in drive/dropbox/locally, that would be unsecure :-)

Hi Arun,

Just wanted to know how secure would be a 6 digit numeric pin if someone tries to brute force it? The thought came to my mind after reading about the ongoing Apple VS FBI debacle.

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