How to Choose a Watch(For Man and Women Included)
The ingenious invention form over two centuries ago that is the wristwatch proves itself practical until modern times. Although watch sales went downhill around the early 2000s, came the smart phones, watches made a comeback after almost a decade.

Why is this so? Despite there are smart phones at our disposal, there are still many reasons why people still buy it for themselves and as gifts to loved ones. They’re functional, convenient, stylish, collectible, and can serve as a status symbol and heirloom.

But if you don’t know how and where to start watch shopping, no worries, for we’ll guide you on how to choose a watch. Also, we suggest that you should first be familiarized with the basics of watches, which will also be covered here in this article.

Here is the steps:

Step 1:Know About Types of Watch Movements

Step 2:Figure out Watch Styles

Step 3:It is time to Choose A Watch Now

Step 4:Best Places to Buy Watches

Let’s get started.

Step1:Know About Types of Watch Movements

A watch movement is the watch’s engine that allows timekeeping as well as the watch’s other complications to function. There are two types of watch movements, namely quartz and mechanical. And there are two types of mechanical movements, which are manual and automatic.

Types of Watch Movements

The  quartz movement is powered by battery. As compared to its mechanical counterparts, it is more accurate and requires minimum maintenance, as all it needs are battery replacements every after some years. Quartz movements would either come with an analog, digital, or analog-digital dial.