The collaboration between Pharrell Williams and adidas Originals is a low-key event this summer. In addition to bringing the new color of the SLOARHU Glide, the new BYW X-based product is even more compelling. Hu BYW X has always been the jewel of the Philippine Dong series, and Fei Dong himself has repeatedly been on the line. Today, Hu BYW X's new color is the first exposure, one yellow and one white color, which is consistent with the style of the Hu series this summer. <a href=" ">Pharrell x adidas Hu BYW X Yellow White</a> is dressed in a highly recognizable solid color. Uniform bright-eyed tones, stitching combinations of different materials, the number one on the tongue, and the Hu Logo on the soles highlight the iconic elements of Fei Dong. The BYW X shoe type with sock sleeve design, the Boost sole support of the previous back palm, not only has a good foot performance, but also visually shows the unique concept of the "Tianzu" concept.

The Element 55, equipped with the Nike React cushioning, has become a great choice for fashion street gamers. It has a retro look and a good soft foot feel, plus a good price/performance ratio, and the appearance rate on the street is not low. . Nike React Element 55 will bring the exclusive color of the NCAA University team, and the Oregon color is naturally the focus of the sneaker players. <a href="">Nike Re act Element 55 Oregon</a> is presented in the highly recognizable Oregon color scheme. The dark green body is embellished with bright yellow Swoosh. It has a strong military feel and eye-catching details that make it hard to resist! OREGON is on the inside of the tongue and the inside of the body, and the O Logo on the insole is also the exclusive mark of Oregon.