Nowadays, the retro style and street culture have risen strongly, and many classic shoes have reappeared. Recently, Nike has brought a new color to the SB Zoom Blazer Chukka. <a href="">Nike SB Zoom Blazer Chukka</a> is based on pure black, with black fur-finished uppers and leather-inspired details. It still has a good texture in a low-key style. Finally, it is equipped with a raw rubber outsole, which should be loved by many street players. .

<a  href="">2019 Cheap Jordan</a> With the prevalence of retro trend culture, more and more retro shoes are presented in front of the world with materials and designs that are more in line with the current aesthetic style. The revived Nike Shox BB4 series brings the pioneering sports technology and trend concept of that era back to the fans. Nike Shox Enigma Lime Blast, transformed from these shoes, is presented with a strong avant-garde and futuristic texture. The first color scheme is black, green and black, based on the Shox BB4, which combines a more compact body design with a tough silhouette. Leather, mesh and composite materials are layered and spliced, and many holographic reflective strips such as tongue and upper are decorated with outstanding fashion trends. The Shox air column of the heel echoes the main color of the shoe, and the bright color finish is the crowning touch of the whole pair of shoes.

<a href="">2019 Sneakers Release</a> ,The ultra-popular flap running shoes Nike Zoom Fly has been greatly upgraded this year. The first color matching has been released on the official website, and this time there is a new color exposure. The Nike Zoom Fly 3 features a black, black-and-white look that embodies the streamlined exterior design,