<p>With the development and transformation of China's economy, mining machinery industry gradually from price competition evolved into the competition in research and development. Now, the development trend of crusher, <a href="http://www.crusheroperation.com/solution/ore-milling-equipment-suppli er.html">gold ore milling equipment</a>, and other mining machineries is toward large-scale, digital, intelligent, ecological and energy saving.</p>
<p>The general tendency of the development of Science in mechanical engineering will be digital, intelligent, sophisticated and ecological. As a branch of mechanical engineering, mining machinery industry also follow the general trend of development. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of mining industry, the development trend is digital, intelligent, ecological and pleasant.</p>
<p>Moreover, there are still gaps between the overall level of mining machinery in China and the international advanced level. In the journey of developing toward mining machinery manufacturing powerful nation, opportunities and challenges both exist. Chinese mining industy influenced by global market, are inevitable to require mining machinery enterprises in the upstream to make well prepared for the next step of development. Although the market of mining machinery is limited, the development path of mining machinery industry is infinite. We believe that china mining machinery industry will stride forward and occupy the future market.</p>