week. At present, the quotation of 900×90×18mm of gold sandalwood floor stock in Guangdong Yuzhu International Wood Market is 198 yuan/m2.In the evening, an industry insider on Sina Weibo broke the news that the owner of Zhejiang Chunshui Floor, which is known as the famous brand of bamboo flooring in Zhejiang Province and famous in Zhejiang Province, was “missing” in Chunshui. Is it “running”? On the morning of
November 16, after a variety of investigations, an insider in the industry said that the Chunshui Flooring factory industry had ceased operations and began liquidation. However, the front-line personnel dispatched by Sina.com.cn had seen the scene. There was no change in the Anji factory in Chunshui, and there was loading of the car. At the time of the press release, the official website of Chunshui Flooring could no longer be opened,
and the spring water floor board chairman Yu Chunshui's phone call was still in an unreachable state. In spring, many insiders broke the news that the funding chain broke. According to informed sources, Chunshui floor veterans Yu Chunshui not only has Zhejiang spring water floor (bamboo floor quotes, bamboo flooring manufacturers directory), under the name there is another guarantee company, the crisis The flashpoint failed to
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