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Import notes from CSV

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Upgrading my phone and trying out your app. I have a CSV and would like to import each row as one note. (one CSV -> many text notes). 1) is this possible, 2) is there some structure to the CSV that I need to enforce before the import, 3) How do I do this?

I did try to import CSV, but got one CSV note instead of several text notes.

Last  question: is there documentation or help somewhere I could have found this answer without posting?

Hi ChasG, one CSV file is one spreadseet document and it will get imported as a single spreadsheet. To import each row as one note, you would have to create individual CSV files with data from each row.

I have purchased Sec Notes yesterday and am trying to upload .CSV files. I could unfortunately not find the menu option for that.
Please let me know how to do that a what is the structure and naming convention of the file expected.
Thanks & regards.

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