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Importing multiple notes & viewing notes on PC.

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Hi Arun,

I’m moving from an old Windows Mobile 6 phone to an Android phone and have over 200 Notes that I have converted to .txt format which I need to import.

Does Sec Notes allow me to select a source directory on the SD Card that contains multiple files in .txt format and Import all the files as a batch into individual notes in Sec Notes, or do I need to select each file and import individually?

Also, once I have created a Sec Notes backup to the SD card, can I copy the backup file to a Win7 PC and open and read the notes on the PC?

I’m hoping you will answer “Yes” to both these questions as I’ve tried many Android Notes apps and none have all the features I need.

Hi John,

1. An enhancement of the existing file chooser is on the way that will let you select multiple files (select all option as well) that will serve your need.

2. Sec-Notes was born because we believed in a notes app which is 100% secure from all angles. Which means if somebody gets your phone and even if he is able to root it, he should never be able to access your private information. Hence the backup file is also encrypted using your password (or with a default even if you opt for the no-security option). But since you asked, I could create a helper program which can accept a password & backup file from you and create text files of your notes on your PC. Does that sound good for you? If yes, I hope it is not that urgent and you could give me a week's time to create that.

P.S. I really don't want to create an "Export to text files" option inside the app. There is always a possibility one does an export and forgets to remove the files on the phone once done. That completely nullifies our vision of absolute privacy

Thanks and regards,

Version 4.2 released with the requested features. It also adds folder support.

Hi Arun,
Congratulations on this great note taking App. I have been searching around the Play Store and, although there are hundreds of note taking apps, it has been really hard to find what I needed. Just like John B (and I suppose many other people) I have been forced to move from Windows Phone to Android Phone.
I would like to have some kind of backup for my data in Windows, and you mentioned, in message 2 that you would try to create some kind of helper program, to recover notes on the PC.
Is this going on? Will it be posible that those recovered text files be .csv, so that at least they could be imported into a spreadsheet program (albeit without formulas)?
Thanks for your attention

It seems you have created a means to back up the app info onto the PC, and even though I have the newest version, I don't find the helper program you refer to, above. Could you give directions on how to manage this? And, please advise if this works in reverse so we can create the files on the desktop and then download them onto the phone. Many thanks!

Same question as 15 Oct 2015 above, did not see an answer.

I got the same, Just paid for the program and now find I can't import .xls files that it has exported.. it is not seeing them in the directory but i have checked and know they are there..
this also brings to mind the ability to create a password list then save it as a .xls file and import it in to this program.
Confirmed, can only import plain .txt files, so a work around it work build your secure file in excel then save it as a .txt then import this .txt in to this program..

Basically  I am a little disappointed that I have had to spend an afternoon trying to figure this out. I have yet to give ti a rating on Playstore, as hoping this is a bug and not something that is lacking in this program.. as if it is then there is not point in buying the paid version..
Please clarify thanks..

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