Look at the Fendi 2018 Milan autumn and winter women's show bag, Fendi's fur elements are used in this bag, this time is also used on the bag, remember the plush space monster, Fendi's killer ah, in the season is super hot.

This season's show bag uses stitching, fur, rivets, locks and other elements to interpret the entire series, and at the same time echoes the women's wear to continue the classic series on the fur series. Each one has its own characteristics, large locks, rivet embellishments, a single fur surface and fur stitching, four-color leather stitching, hand and shoulders, and the only trend in simplicity and classics. What is even more amazing is that a colorful bird of paradise is found in the bag, releasing infinite vitality in the ice and snow.

Although this season's Replica Luxury Handbag pendant looks like a plush fur ball at first glance, it is also hidden in the mystery: the letter pattern with different colors of fur can be customized according to the owner's name, and in the hair At the top of the pompoms, there is a small head of Karl Lagerfeld, a designer with a Mohawk hairstyle.

Having a Fendi bag is sure to be a lot of fashion dreams. Do you have a look at the Fake New Fendi Bag? Do you pay attention to the same exquisite and luxurious men's bag on the Fendi men's show? The Fendi men's show not only released the latest models. The Peekaboo bag also updates the super-hot fur hanging line.

In the style of the street shooting, the little devil, the bird fur hanging ornaments, this year, launched a new style of small apple, smiley face like this. If you have no love for luxe bags such as crocodile skin and calfskin,Replica Cheap Fendi Handbag has also launched a backpack for sports boys with football and hanging scarves to satisfy your style!
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